Q Series 230-305HP

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The Q Series is a pleasure to work with and a driver’s dream. It offers the perfect combination of power, practicality, precision, and performance for enhanced efficiency and profitability. The Q Series is a Quality tractor with a capital Q. That’s why Q certified dealers are the only professionals qualified to serve your needs. They represent the best knowledge, service, and aftersales capabilities to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the Q Series’ favourable total cost of ownership and smart farming advantages. When your business needs a machine with enough power to handle every task and utilise any implement, the Q Series’ 7.4-litre 6-cylinder engine and CVT transmission deliver the power you need when you need it. Consistent torque and high power delivery means you always have the output to get the job done.

Thinks like a Pro

Smart technology comes as standard and is seamlessly integrated into the driver’s cab and ergonomically placed for ultimate convenience and ease of use. Everything about the Q Series is intelligently designed to maximise visibility and all-day comfort. SmartTouch user profiles make switching between drivers and tasks quick and easy. Advanced telemetry allows easy and seamless fleet management and FMIS integration and ensures 101% uptime. Get more done and do it well with the Q Series.

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Reliability, predictability, fuel efficiency, ease of use, and the technology to make your work more efficient -The Q Series is a Pro that maximises your profits.

Save fuel

Save fuel, automatically, as the best driveline on the market and advanced transmission management through SmartTouch always ensure low working revs. Keep working longer and don’t worry about downtime, thanks to the Q Series’ longer service intervals and quicker, easier servicing.

Save inputs

In the field, the Q Series’ easy-to-use start-of-the-art smart farming features save time, inputs, and money. On the go, Valtra’s smart telemetry solution, Connect, makes identifying potential work efficiencies easy across your entire Q Series fleet. Save time on paperwork in the office as TaskDoc Pro makes managing data transfer between your Q Series and your FMIS system simple.



We listened to our customers. You asked for a bigger T Series. We delivered the best tractor we have ever designed and built. See how we put all our agronomic know-how to use to make sure our customers get the full benefit of easy-to-use smart farming features and the




Smart farming is essential to more efficient, profitable, and sustainable agriculture. Our innovative and popular SmartTouch armrest puts the power of smart farming at your fingertips. Tasks are managed with simple and familiar swipe and tap movements, just like a smartphone… only easier! Operator profiles and tasks can easily be shared between tractors in a fleet, meaning any driver can step into any cab and get to work straight away.


The award-winning Valtra SmartTouch armrest user interface is a complete operating environment designed to be ergonomic and intuitive.

9-inch touchscreen

SmartTouch features an easy-to-use 9-inch touchscreen and multifunctional lever. The multifunctional lever puts ultimate control in the hands of the operator with an easy and ergonomic vertical design where the tractor’s speed can be managed using only the multifunction lever. In addition, using the lever, operators can control the powerlift, hydraulics, and ISOBUS implements.

A Joystick that’s a joy to use

Valtra’s innovative and ergonomic SmartTouch joystick is a fully programmable hydraulic control for front and rear-mounted implements. The live third function lever can be programmed to control your most common function while still manoeuvring with the joystick.


The SmartTouch Extend second terminal is the perfect addition to SmartTouch for advanced ISOBUS applications. Configure and display your ISOBUS implement or Valtra Guide operations right at your fingertips and at eye level to get a full picture of your operation for enhanced productivity. SmartTouch Extend can also be used as a camera display.


Valtra SmartTouch offers the easiest headland management system. With Auto U-Pilot, you can configure your sequence by recording while driving or programming it when stationary using the 9” touch screen. The M1, M2 and M3 buttons can be programmed for three completely different sequences – which can manage up to 24 operations each. All settings are saved in the appropriate profile (e.g. ploughing).







Increase rear visibility and safety by using the SmartTouch touchscreen as a camera display.







With SmartTouch, SmartTouch Extend and the A-Pillar display, the Q Series cab turns into a smart cockpit displaying all the information you need to work efficiently, comfortably, and productively.




See specifications table for further engine data. Q225 – Q285: the boost values are available at road speeds as well as when power consumption from the hydraulics or in PTO increases and the tractor is moving.

With the Q 305 model, the transport boost steps in gradually and can be utilised at all speeds. The Q 305 model’s boost is available for PTO use even when the tractor is stationary (tractor ground speed is 0 km/h).