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Valtra have been building tractors for more than 60 years, and the T Series is the culmination of their experience so far. Valtra designed it for the diverse requirements of farmers and the most demanding of conditions.

Thanks to the T Series’ engine features, robust and versatile transmissions, low maintenance costs and a range of unique tractor features, you get low total cost of ownership.


We know that if we want to get the job done right, we’d better do it ourselves. That’s why we make the major components in-house. We’ve designed and engineered the intelligent chassis, robust transmission and spacious cab ourselves. AGCO Power, the “Sisu”, has been the Valtra engine for more than 60 years. It is an engine that sets the standard for reliability.

T Series tractors are available in three different model types: Versu, Direct and HiTech.

We stand behind the reliability of this tractor. To ensure unrivalled reliability, we make all four major components of the T Series in-house. The chassis, transmission and cab are Valtra’s own design and engineering, and AGCO Power is the original Valtra engine that sets the reliability standard in our industry. The T Series is built for working in tough conditions – every day.


The T Series provides power for pulling a plough and agility for moving hay bales. It gives excellent visibility for precision work and versatility with PTO for power-hungry implements. With the T Series, you don’t have to work harder, because you are working smarter. The transmission operation, with a new drive lever could not be easier. The tractor is compact, but inside the cab you have plenty of space and comfort. Daily maintenance is simple: checking the oil and cleaning the filters take almost no time at all. And finally, you get the best fit for your farm, with the right size and the options you need, factory installed and covered by warranty.

We made owning, operating and servicing your tractor easy so that you can concentrate on your work. The controls in the cab are located to minimise body movement, transmission operation is easy with a new drive lever, and the bright work lights let you keep working when night falls. We paid extra attention to the daily maintenance points, so that checking the oil and cleaning the filters take as little time as possible. The T Series is well suited for your work because many of its unique features were actually innovated by our customers.


The T Series isn’t the cheapest tractor you can buy. But drive it for 10,000 hours and then you’ll see the low total cost of ownership. For a start, we build your tractor for you, so you get only the features you need, factory installed and covered by the factory warranty. With AGCO Finance you tailor your financing costs. The optimized service intervals reduce your maintenance costs and the SCR only AGCO Power engines give you the best overall fluid economy. Choose the T174 EcoPower model to save an additional 10% in fuel costs. Select Valtra Care to fix your maintenance costs and get the service contract that suits your needs. And with genuine Valtra parts and 24/7 service you will get high resale value for your tractor. Valtra has one of the fastest parts delivery services in the industry to keep your working machine running, day in, day out.


Make yourself comfortable. When it comes to productivity, the driver is central. That is why we never compromise on comfort, safety and ergonomics.









With its long wheelbase, 2995 mm, the T Series gives good stability and a steady ride. This tractor also reaches a new level of agility, with a turning radius of just 5.25 m, thanks to the narrow engine construction, integrated front linkage and front PTO. At the same time, the frame structure enables us to design the bonnet in a way that improves visibility. While the T Series has a high ground clearance up to 60 cm, the cab sits lower, making this the most compact 6-cylinder on the market, and it still handles high payloads.





The T Series is excellent for maximum grip thanks to its front/rear weight distribution of 40%/60%. The front loader sub-frame is fully integrated with the frame structure. The integrated front lift gives you the highest lifting capacity on the market, 51 kN in front and up to 95 kN in the rear. The unique 890 mm lift height makes it easy to work with implements. Both a three-speed, electrically controlled PTO and a Ground Speed





Select the horsepower, the hydraulics, and the gearbox you need. Then select the options required for your work. We build tractors that give you unmatched flexibility. This is the ideal tractor for arable farming, with power on the ground and a seamlessly working engine and transmission. For dairy and mixed farms we provide a wide range of options for mowing. This is the best solution for a contractor doing heavy front loader work, thanks to the patented hydraulic assistant. For forestry work, you can choose underside protection, the high-capacity hydraulic pump and SkyView cab with enhanced visibility. All options come factory installed and are covered by the factory warranty.



Valtra SmartTouch has raised usability to a new level. It’s more intuitive than your smartphone. Settings are easily accessible within only two taps or swipes and all technology is integrated into the new easy-to-use format: Guidance, ISOBUS, Telemetry, AgControl and TaskDoc.







Valtra T Series offers more choices than anyone else – with the help of our experienced salesman your working machine can be tailored to match your exact needs. Valtra offers six power levels and five transmission and hydraulic combinations: Hitech, HiTech with HiTrol, Active, Versu and Direct. Your Valtra T Series HiTech and Active models can be equipped with a standard user interface or with the practical and convenient Valtra ARM.


  • 5PS, with open centre 73/90 litre hydraulics
  • Mechanical hydraulic controls

In HiTech and Active the transmission control is robotised, so there are no mechanical gear levers. These tractors can be equipped with easy-to-use basic controls or with a control armrest that lets you drive at all speeds using the small gear lever and cruise control.

HiTech is also available with a turbine clutch option, providing extra convenience and precision for front loader and municipality applications.


  • 5PS, with load sensing hydraulics
  • Mechanical hydraulic controls

Valtra Active is a revolutionary power-shift technology with load sensing hydraulics at up to 200 l/minute, a hydraulic assistant and separate hydraulic and transmission oils. In HiTech and Active the transmission control is robotised, so there are no mechanical gear levers. These tractors can be equipped with easy-to-use grip control or with a control armrest that lets you operate all speeds with the small gear lever and the cruise control.


  • 5PS, with load sensing hydraulics
  • Electrical hydraulic controls
  • Valtra SmartTouch Arm with display
  • Easy transmission and hydraulic settings

Valtra Versu is the king of the new generation power-shift transmissions, with electronic hydraulic control, a hydraulic assistant, 115, 160 or 200 litre output, and separate hydraulic and transmission oils. It operates with the drive lever in automatic or manual mode. By choosing a Versu transmission, you get the ease of power-shift and the flexibility of CVT in one package.


  • CVT with load sensing hydraulics
  • Electrical hydraulic controls
  • Valtra SmartTouch Arm with display

This is the flagship of the range. The drive lever control allows you to adjust the acceleration and deceleration with your right hand only. The versatile velocity setups have been further developed. We even offer a manual transmission control, which is needed for some special crops.


SmartTouch – An unbeatable touch of Finnish design and engineering. More intuitive than your smartphone. Settings are easily accessible within only two taps or swipes.

Valtra SmartTouch integrates the ergonomic armrest with a multifunction drive-lever, valve switches, rear-linkage and PTO control, a touch screen terminal and push button control pad, bringing all tractor functions within easy reach of the operator.


Valtra Power-shift is the smoothest transmission on four wheels. Just select your driving direction and you are automatically in control – with Valtra you can drive your power-shift tractor like a CVT. In automatic modes you shift automatically based on your acceleration and torque requirements – and you always get the best fuel economy. The 5 step Power-shift transmission has four ranges and is available in HiTech, Active and Versu. With two creeper ranges, you have 30 speeds in both directions.





In Versu, you always start in Auto-Mode. These models also have the Hill-hold feature, so you can get a smooth start with just the accelerator pedal, even uphill. Valtra Versu models (as well as Active and Hitech for front loader) have a revolutionary, patented hydraulic assistant, giving you more hydraulic output automatically, either stationary or when driving, with no effect on driving speed. No other power-shift can do it!




Valtra offers a set of smart farming technologies that work seamlessly together – Auto-Guide, ISOBUS, AgControlTM Section, AgControlTM Variable Rate and TaskDoc – which you operate from the SmartTouch terminal. By automatically guiding your tractor and implements, these improve your accuracy and precision, reduce working time, and make sure you get better yields and better return on your investment.






The Valtra Unlimited service creates unlimited possibilities. Get a unique exterior package with a special paint colour, or choose interior features such as leather and chrome. Select business applications, like a bottom grader, or special military features. Everything is installed at the factory and covered by the factory warranty.

The sky’s no limit!





We lowered the total cost of ownership by reducing fuel consumption and emissions to meet EU Stage V engine regulations, while still´ delivering power where you need it. At the same time we have focused on keeping maintenance to the minimum, for example with service-free hydraulic lash adjustment (HLA).






Right-sizing saves fuel

You get good responsiveness and fuel economy throughout the rpm range with the T Series’ 2000 bar injection pressure. You reach max torque at 1500 rpm. The T Series lowers fuel consumption with a new cooling package, a high pillar air intake, electronic viscous fan control, and optimised heat removal.

Valtra EcoPower

With the Valtra T174 EcoPower model you can choose between two engine settings at the flick of a switch and minimise fuel consumption, especially for transport driving. The engine torque increases and the average piston speed is reduced by 20 percent. This not only reduces engine wear; it also means fuel savings of up to 10 percent. Idle speed is only 650 rpm.

The Sigma Power boost

The Sigma Power feature gives up to 36 additional horsepower for PTO work when required. Sigma Power is especially useful when you are working with implements that demand a lot of PTO power, such as chippers, mowers, and power harrows.

Market leading hydraulics

The Valtra Direct, Versu and Active models offer high-capacity load-sensing hydraulics with 115, 160 or 200 l/min hydraulic pumps. Valtra is the only tractor manufacturer that can offer the patented hydraulic assistant even for power-shift models. There are separate oils for the transmission and hydraulics, up to seven service valves in the rear and three valves in front. In Active the rear valves are mechanically controlled with the ergonomically located, clearly marked levers. The front valves for the front loader, front lift or both, can be electronically controlled by a joystick on all models.


Logical to set up settings with swipe gestures. All settings are automatically stored in memory.


Intuitive way to set up settings with large controls and easy to understand functions. From any control you can control any hydraulic service including hydraulic valves (front and rear), linkages (front and read) or front loader.


Technical specifications
Model Max. power
(ISO 14396)
Model types
hp kW Nm Active Versu Direct HiTech
T144 170 125 680 x x x x
T154 180 132 740 x x x x
T174e 190 140 780 x x x x
T194 210 154 870 x x x x
T214 230 169 910 x x x x
T234 250 184 930 x x x x
T254 271 199 1000 x x x