As part of continued expansion and growth of our group, we are always happy to receive CV applications. We offer roles in all departments, management, sales/stores, customer care and workshop technicians. If a suitable candidate applies, there may be the potential to make additional opportunities available. Opportunities can be made available based on competence, not always on years of experience. We value passionate people who show initiative, are ambitious, self-motivated and are willing to learn.

Preferred skills:

Excellent communicator: As many of our roles are customer facing it is important for candidates to be comfortable interacting with customers daily.

Understanding the whole business: As we have 4 branches offering a range of goods and services, it is important candidates understand how it all fits together.

Passion and/or Experience: Previous successful experience in a similar role and/or young with a strong interest and passion to develop a career in Clarke Machinery Group

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All C.Vs will be acknowledged / kept on file – Send to