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The McHale 991L range of linkage round bale wrappers is the first choice for farmers and contractors who are interested in wrapping bales at the storage site. The 991L range of linkage round bale wrappers offers the perfect blend of tried and tested technology with solid construction and dependable performance. Like all McHale round bale wrappers, the high output 991L range of linkage round bale wrappers will give you a tightly wrapped bale that increases feed quality and contains the natural juices for greater nutritional value while giving increased environmental protection.

The 991TBER is a trailed version of the 991LBER round bale wrapper, it gives an operator the flexibility of being able to mount a hydraulic power pack on the front of the machine for transportation and operation. The 991TBER also features a trailed drawbar and transportation wheels. The 991TBER linkage round bale wrapper is an advanced remote controlled bale wrapper, which can be operated from the loading tractor by remote control allowing for one man operation of the loading, wrapping and stacking functions.


  • Linkage Round Bale Wrapper –This 991TBER linkage round bale wrapper is fully automatic and can be controlled by a remote control from the loading tractor. The 991TBER has a specifically adapted chassis which can be used for transportation and mounting of a hydraulic power pack. When the loading tractor places the bale on the wrapping table of the linkage round bale wrapper, the operator can start the bale wrapping process simply by pressing one button on the remote control.The round bale wrapper applies the preset number of layers, stops and tips the bale automatically while the operator can stack the previously wrapped bale and bring the next netted bale to the linkage round bale wrapper for wrapping.With this automatic remote control machine one operator can load, wrap and stack the bales, thus completing the entire job.
  • Linkage Wrapping Table –The round bale wrapping table is constructed of four heavy-duty belts, which ensure smooth and even bale rotation even when dealing with loose or asymmetric bales.A smooth wrapping seal is guaranteed as the machine delivers a 50% overlap. Shear bolt protection ensures that asymmetric shaped round bales do not damage the round bale wrappers gearbox or drive line.
  • Linkage Dispenser Units –The 991TBER linkage round bale wrapper is fitted with a 750mm aluminium dispenser, which maintain a consistent stretch and maximises film usage. The unit consists of two aluminium rollers, which are geared to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios.
    The unit is designed so that the angle it works at during the wrapping cycles stays constant, this gives a more even stretch through the roll of film. The dispenser unit features a McHale quick fit film loading system which make film changing much more user friendly on the 991TBER round bale wrapper.
  • Linkage Quick Fit Dispensers – The dispensers lock and load system on the 991TBER round bale wrapper makes film loading really easy, when removing the core of the used roll the dispenser bobbin locks in place. When a new roll is loaded it can be locked in place by simply pulling the cord.
  • Linkage Hydraulic Cut and Hold – The McHale hydraulically operated cut and hold system on the 991TBER round bale wrapper cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale. This time saving device eliminates the need to manually reattach the film. Uniquely designed, this system on the round bale wrappers works reliably and consistently in all weather conditions
  • RDS – In Cab Unit – The in-cab control unit on the 991TBER linkage round bale wrapper enables the operator to change the round bale wrapper settings and select the desired number of film layers. When set, one touch of the auto start button operates the complete cycle from start to finish.
  • TBER- Remote Control Unit –The 991 TBER round bale wrapper comes complete with a remote control kit for static wrapping. Here an operator can load the round bale wrapper using a loader, activate an automatic cycle on the bale wrapper by using the remote control. While the round bale is wrapping the operator can stack the previously wrapped bale and collect the next netted bale and bring it to the round bale wrapper.
    When the wrapping cycle is complete the wrapped bale is tipped and the next round bale can be placed on the wrapping table and the wrapping process can be activated with the simple press of a button on the remote control.


Technical Data

Total Length 2.8m (9’2”)
Working speed-table (up to) 30 rotations/min
Linkage Model [Round] 991L, 991LB, 991LBER
Weight (unladen) 800 kg. (1764 lbs)
Lift Capacity @ 170 bar 1100 kg. (2425 lbs.)
Greasing Points 11
Max bale weight 1200kg. (2646 lbs)
Protection Mechanism Shear bolt/roll pin
Min oil req. litres per minute 18 @ 150 bar
Dispenser – Aluminium 70/55% 750/500mm
Total Height 1.94m (6’4”)
Film Holders 2
Height to top of rollers 0.83m (2’9”)
Driver Control Fully Automatic
Transport Width 1.65m (5’5”)
Electrical requirements 12 volt / 20 amp