McHale Fusion 4

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Fusion 4 Integrated Baler Wrapper


The new McHale Fusion 4 range has been developed with a focus on operator comfort and machine performance, while still ensuring the renowned simplicity and reliability is maintained.

Our specialist team of engineers have maximised machine intake and output, increased bale density and reduced maintenance intervals to ensure the Fusion 4 range of machines surpasses all your baling and wrapping expectations.

These levels of comfort, when paired with proven features such as the patented bale transfer system and the vertical wrapping ring, enable the McHale Fusion 4 range of machines to offer durability, reliability and high output to the end user.


The McHale Fusion 4 is a robust, fully automatic, integrated baler wrapper recognised worldwide for its unique patented bale transfer, vertical wrapping ring and high output.

The machine is equipped with a 25-knife chopping unit, automatic progressive greasing system and a servo operated load sensing control valve, which when combined with the Expert Plus control console, makes the baling and wrapping process fully automatic. The machine is fitted with 560/60-22.5 tyres as standard.

Patented Bale Transfer

When the netting process is complete the bale chamber splits horizontally. As the top section of the bale chamber moves up, the lower section of the bale chamber simultaneously moves up and out, transferring the bale onto the wrapping platform.

Vertical Wrapping Ring

The vertical wrapping ring is fitted with two 750 mm dispensers, which take approximately 18 seconds to apply 4 layers of film and approximately 24 seconds to apply 6 layers of film in ideal working conditions. In ideal operating conditions, this means that the wrapping platform is always waiting for the next bale.