Off-Set Mower

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Off-Set Mower

Are you looking for a machine that can

  • Give precision grass cutting with a perfect finish
  • Mow ditches, verges and embankments
  • Trim hedges and bushes

Then this is the mower for you!

The machine gives you precision cutting and can operate from 96° to -45° either fully offset or inline behind your tractor!  This is the most versatile machine on the market and guarantees a minimum fuel saving of 30% when compared to flail mowers.

This is a versatile and nimble machine designed for professional users.  Thanks to the durable and pivoting headstock, this machine easily copes with the most extreme work conditions.  All MAJOR machines are robust and the Verge Major is no exception!  When cutting grass, the roller system allows the machine to follow the contours of the most undulating ground to give a perfect finish.


  • A unique patented blade system. In the event of a hitting an obstacle, the blades retract upwards out of the line of impact preventing breakages and damage to gearboxes and driveline
  • Internal double roller bearing housing to support the rollers while cutting and protect the bearings
  • Heavy duty gearboxes with inter gearbox shock loading protection, to protect the machine in the event of a collision
  • Simple height adjustment system


Model OSM-1400 OSM-2000 OSM-2650
Overall Width 1.4m 2.05m 2.65m
Cutting  width 1.35m (4′ 5″) 1.98m (6′ 6″) 2.6m (8′ 6″)
Number of Rotors 2 3 4
Number of Blades 4 / 8 6 / 12 8 / 16
Sliding Offset 1.56m 1.56m 1.56m
RPM 540 540 540
Power Requirements 40 HP 60 HP 80 HP
Hedge cutting 0÷96° 0÷96° 0÷96°
Mowing of road sides 0÷45° 0÷45° 0÷45°
Tractor class II II II
Weight 685kg 800kg 905kg