McConnel 60 Series

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McConnel’s most advanced mid-range machines; the 60-series offers a choice of 5.3m and 5.8m reach, powerful 60hp hydraulics, and an extensive choice of upgrades which make it easy for customers to create a machine that’s perfect for their needs.

Customisation options include a popular front-mount model, Variable Forward Reach, and a comprehensive selection of controls, attachments and flailheads.


Created for large-scale farmers, contractors and local government green maintenance teams, the 60-series is tough and durable and includes such enhancements as tapered seam-welded arms for strength and lightness, a cushioned top link for comfort in transport, and an axle-mounting option.

While retaining the price of a mid-range machine, the 60-series allows access to a series of performance-enhancing features such as McConnel’s award winning Easy Drive System and state-of-the-art Revolution controls.

Key features
  • 5.3m and 5.8m reach
  • Tapered seam-welded arms
  • Choice of eight flailheads
  • Choice of 14 different work attachments
  • Optional debris blower
  • 5.3m front-mount option
  • High-performance 60hp hydraulics
  • Variable Forward Reach
  • Tapered seam-welded arms
  • Easy Drive System
  • Lift and angle float kits
  • Hydraulic safety breakaway
  • Power Slew
  • Choice of electric and rotor control
  • Choice of four advanced control systems including REVOLUTION
  • Three-point linkage or five-point axle mounting
  • The most advanced feature-set of any mid-range machine on the market

The front-mount PA5360FM enhances comfort, precision and safety by improving visibility and enabling operators to work longer by reducing fatigue.
Enhanced visibility is also available on rear-mount machines with Variable Forward Reach available.


Customers can spec machines for simplicity and value, or create a professional build for performance. The award-winning EDS hands-free cruise control system, REVOLUTION, Variable Forward Reach and some of McConnel’s largest and most productive attachments are all available on 60-series Power Arms.

  • Huge array of customisation options
  • Enhanced visibility and comfort
  • Outstanding feature set
  • Verge-mowing speeds up to 4.5 times faster
  • Enhanced visibility and safety
  • State-of-the-art controls
  • Robust build quality
  • Great combination of performance and value V
  • ersatile work platform
  • Enhanced comfort in transit



  • Reach
  • Machine Weight
  • Tractor Hp Requirement
  • Tractor Weight Requirement


  • 5.3m
  • 1015kg
  • 80Hp
  • 3500Kg


  • 5.3m
  • 1015kg
  • 80Hp
  • 3500Kg


  • 5.8m
  • 1060kg
  • 80Hp
  • 4000Kg