McConnel Versi-Series

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Named for the outstanding cutting versatility it offers, the VERSI-series enables operators to cut on either side of the tractor – switching from left to right and back at the touch of a button.

Three diverse machines are available – 3.4m and 4.0m 30hp compact machines that are ideal for the amenities and ground-care sector, and a heavy-duty 5.5m, 65hp Power Arm designed for highway verge maintenance.


Designed for specialists and professional contractors, the VERSI-range was originally created for highway mowing because it allows operators to safely cut both the nearside verge and the central reservation while travelling in the same direction as the traffic.

The ability to switch cutting positions quickly and easily, coupled with a rotating arm and flailhead offers benefits in numerous sectors and enables VERSI machines to thrive in a variety of confined and challenging environments.

Key features
  • A choice of 3.4m, 4.0m, and 5.5m reach
  • Choice of three advanced control systems
  • 30, and 65hp hydraulics (dependent on machine)
  • Front or rear mounting (Rear mounting only on PA5565V)
  • Front DIN plate mounting (PA3430V and PA4030V only)
  • Lift and angle float kits
  • Easy Drive System (PA5565V only)
  • Dual cutting
  • Hydraulic Power Slew
  • Hydraulic safety breakaway
  • Innovative labour saving design
  • Rotating head bracket
  • Choice of 10 flailheads
  • Choice of 15 attachments
Dual Cutting

VERSI machines allow operators to cut on either side of the tractor quickly, safely and easily. The PA3430V and PA4030V use a hydraulic side-shift to move the flailhead, while the PA5565V features a rotating central pivot point.


VERSI machines are designed to give operators the ultimate in positional flexibility. No machine typifies this more than the PA5054V which allows dual cutting, front and rear mounting and rear drive.

  • Greater precision
  • Perfect positioning
  • Increases working speeds
  • Easy Drive System dramatically boosts
  • mowing speeds and eases fatigue (PA5565V only)

  • Improved visibility and comfort
  • Safe working on highway verges
  • Choice of flailheads and working attachments
  • Advanced Power Arm control systems


Model PA3430V PA4030V PA5565V
Reach 3.4m 4.0m 5.5m
Horsepower 30hp 30hp 65hp
Machine weight* 550kg TBC 1625kg
Tractor hp requirement 35hp TBC 75hp
Tractor weight requirement 1750kg TBC 4500kg