Alpine Slurry Tankers

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Alpine Slurry Tankers

The Alpine tanker design is based on the contractor LGP specification, but with a dropped axle to give a low centre of gravity.  This results in less ground pressure than standard axle tankers and minimal ground damage even in wet conditions.

There are three sizes available: 2150, 2300 and 2670 Gallons.  As with all MAJOR tankers, the inside is baffled to prevent wave motions and improve operator safety.

  • Industrial specification axle
  • Hydraulic braking
  • Removable footing
  • Vessel fully reinforced inside to compensate for wheel arches
  • Primary and secondary traps to protect pump
  • Rubber buffer suspension drawbar
  • Swivel hitch and foldable PTO stand
  • Full road lighting kit
  • Painted finish as standard. A galvinished finish is available as an optional extra.

  • 6mm drum for increased strength
  • Full length heavy duty chassis independent of the tanker – to ensure even transfer of the load
  • In addition to internal supports, there are extra supports running directly between the wheels hubs to increase strength on the stepped axle and prevent flexing
  • Unique industrial specification stepped axle to lower the centre of gravity for greater stability. This also reduces wear on the tyres by up to 25%.
  • The tanker is fully baffled to prevent wave motions for smoother and safer towing.
  • Primary and secondary trap to protect the pump from getting damaged
  • Rubber buffer system on the drawbar to prevent cracking and extend the life of the tanker
  • LED lights option available
  • Swivel hitch to give less wear on the hitch and hitch eye.
  • Battioni pumps are used on all tankers. These are a worldwide recognised quality pump with parts readily available.

“We’ve had a number of different makes of tanker before we found the Major tanker and it has been excellent. Because it has a special rubber buffer suspension on the drawbar, it’s more comfortable for the operator.”

Daniel James, Stepaside Contractors


Alpine Slurry Tankers – Specifications

The Alpine LPG tankers are supplied with four fill points as standard: three of them are blanked.

Model 2150ALP-LGP 2300ALP-LGP 2670ALP-LGP
Capacity (Gallon) 2144 2340 2670
Capacity (Litres) 9747 10640 12150
OA Length (Hitch to coupling ball) 6.5m 6.8m 7.4m
OA Width (Tyre dependant) 2.6m 2.6m 2.7m
OA Height (Add tractor hitch) 3.2m 3.2m 3.2m
Weight (Empty) 3856 Kg 4130 Kg 4300 Kg
Weight (Full) 13603 Kg 14770 Kg 16500 Kg
Tyre Options
28.1 R26 Yes Yes N/A
29.5/75 R25 Yes Yes Yes
30.5 R32 Yes Yes Yes