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The COBRA2 slurry tanker is available with a capacity from 11,000 l to 14,500 l and only with a single axle. Compact thanks to the short tank with a large diameter (1,900 mm to 2,100 mm depending on the model) and specially designed for work in the field, the COBRA2 is very easy to handle. It is designed for wide low-pressure tyres (up to Ø 1.99 m and 1.06 m wide) and wheel recesses in order not to exceed a total width of 3 m. The COBRA2 can be fitted with a compact linkage that perfectly fits the form of the integrated chassis and reduces in this way the overhang. The linkage is fastened to the integrated chassis by means of conical axes ensuring an optimal support. This slurry tanker can work with many spreading implements, while limiting ground compaction thanks to the very large wheels.