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Hot Products Coming Into The 2024 Silage Season

The Irish market is absolutely flooded with new machinery, with offerings from every ranging from a new Valtra Q305 top of the range tractor, to the latest and greatest 3 grain pitchfork.


Hot Products For The 2024 Silage Season:

1. Valtra Q305

The new Valtra Q305 is the final machine to come from the Valtra 5th Generation, with Valtra recently announcing the new 6th gen tractors, starting off with the new S Series. The Q Series ranges from 265HP Right up to 305HP, and has started 2024 as a bit of a hot product!





2. Malone 3000FC Front Mower

The New 3000FC is Malone Engineering’s latest offering to the market, constructing a strong, robust front mower with a cost effective price and unique, robust design. The new mower hosts a “pull type” Flotation system, requiring only 2 hydraulic spools. The machine weighs 1.2 Tonne. Malone report a non conditioner version is under design.

3. Broughan Trailers

Not an unfamiliar sight in the irish countryside by now, Broughan Trailers comes into 2024 in an ever so strong position with Clarke Machinery. With the usual offering from Broughan, including everything from Grain trailers to Silage Trailers, Low Loaders and Bale trailers, we are looking forward to keeping the best quality out on the roads this year!