Rauch MDS Spreaders

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Available in working widths
from 10 to 18m.

The single-compartment hopper system is ideal for operation in short fields or fields with a compact layout: no single-sided discharge of the hopper, even with the dispenser closed on one side.
The key element of the MDS-fertiliser spreader are the spreader disc’s; precise, reliable and comfortable for standard fertilisation and thanks to their well marked, three dimensional position indication, the spreader vanes allow for effortless and easy lenght/angle adjustment, even after a long service life.

Standard Equipment

* Stainless steel spreader discs “Multi-Disc” for working widths

* Slow rotating, gentle stirrer

* Maintenance-free oil-bath gearbox

* Hopper floor, spreader discs, spreader vanes, dispensers, made of chrome-nickel steel

* Spreader disc quick-release coupling for tool-free removal of the spreader disc for easy calibration testing and hopper purging

* Calibration test set

* Protective grid

Innovations MDS


MDS 17.1 / 19.1

Modern plant cultivation requires efficient solutions!

Whether field cultivation with a tramline system of up to 18 m or special crops: MDS 17.1 / 19.1 provide the optimum solution for every application. You will be won over by the simple handling and low centroidal distance of the compact design.

  • MDS 17.1: 700 litres basic content
  • MDS 19.1: 900 litres basic content
  • Working widths: 10 – 18 m
  • Maximum load capacity: 1,800 kg