McHale Pro Glide F3100 Front Mower

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McHale’s design team have designed the frame on the Pro Glide front mower to place the centre of gravity as close as possible to the tractor, which results in unrivalled responsiveness to changes in ground conditions.
The support frame on the McHale Pro Glide mower responds to uneven terrain to glide over the ground through the use of an integrated suspension.

The Pro Glide range of mowers offers a number of unique features which deliver;

  • Superior flotation
  • Self adjusting cutter bar angle
  • Constant cutter bar ground pressure
  • Enhanced cutter bar protection
  • Optimum conditioning
  • Clean uniform swath
  • Higher output
  • Optimum transport position
  • Greater visibility


Cutting Width 3.0 m (118”)
Swath Width 1.3 m – 2.3m (51”-91”)
Number of Cutting Discs 7
Total Number of Blades 14 (2 Blades per Disc)
Cutting Height 25 mm – 75 mm
Cutting Disc Speed 3,200 rpm