Cashel Fuel Bowsers

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The Bunded ADR compliant range consists of High Speed and Static Transportable, with storage capacity from 220G to 400G, in bunded containers (secondary containment).  The container unit, bund and chassis combination is manufactured to comply with the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulation, the ADR requirements and the Control of Pollution Regulations 2001 (oil storage) England.  0n 1st July 2003, European regulations came into force which govern the design, testing and manufacture of containers for dangerous goods.  The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road regulations now classifies diesel as a dangerous substance.  If Dangerous Goods are being transported by road then they must now be conveyed in a container which complies with the ADR.  ADR is the European Agreement on the International and National Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, under directive 95/55/EC. The manufacturer must supply with each bowser a) a copy of the IBC approval certificate; b) a test certificate for the leakproofness test; c) an identification plate attached to the container.  They are suitable for diesel and kerosene (special unit for aviation fuel) and are designed to help companies comply with current and pending EU Environmental Regulations by eliminating accidental spillage.  Outer container bund has in excess of 110 capacity of the inner container.  For loads in excess of 1000 litres or 220 gallons by road, the vehicle driver must have undergone training and hold a special license.


Standard Features

Sizes: 1000L (220G) – single or twin axle; 1816L (400G) twin axle

  • Fully baffled,  pressure tested and certified container made from 4mm settle
  • Fuel discharge is via a 12-volt pump through an in-line filter at 45lpm to a 3 digit meter with 6 metres of hose and a heavy duty discharge nozzle which is contained in a secure cabinet
  • High Security Locking Hoops are used to seal the container
  • A PPV Valve is fitted to allow air flow to and from the container and prevent spoilage if overturned.
  • Dipstick to check the content level
  • A lockable lid protects the PPV Valve and the dipstick
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Ullage indication (maximum fill point sight class)
  • Inspection hatch for internal inspections which are required every 30 months
  • Lifting lugs are provided for ease of handling on both the fuel container and the bud.
  • A high-gloss 2-pack polyurethane paint finish over primer gives durability
  • Fuel container is mounted on a hop-dip galvanised chassis (high speed only) and is cushioned on a 6mm anti-vibration strip to prevent stress on container
  • Robust Hot-Dip Galvanised mudguards are an integral part of the unit (on the High-Speed)
  • Running gear consists of galvanised rubber cushion suspension axle s for smooth towing, loader or unloaded (on the High-Speed only)
  • Braked hubs all round with 50mm auto reverse hitch coupling, hand brake and a superior jockey wheel.
  • High performance and high load rated tyres 165xR13x8PLY (165xR14x8PLY on single axle)
  • Lighting system is comprehensive to EU Regulations with rear lights contained in a bumper
  • Canopy overlaps container’s body when closed preventing water contamination**
  • Facility for connection of generator fuel lines
  • Unit manufactured per best practice CE marking
Optional Extras
  • A high capacity cartridge filter with water trap
  • 12-volt high capacity pump (60lpm)
  • An eye hitch coupling
  • Additional cabinet mounted on rear for drums or tools
  • Petrol engine pump 130lpm (not on 220G model) 110v or 220v pumps for statics
  • Fuel system with diverter kit to use the pump system to take from another container
  • Self-retracting hose reel >> Manual Pump 110 lpm >> Deep discharge battery for isolated use
  • Auto shut-off nozzle

****Adblue Combination Bowser Available