Betimax RDS livestock trailer

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The Betimax RDS livestock trailer is fitted with the “reclining” system. The axle(s) is (are) mounted on double-acting hydraulic cylinders allowing to put the trailer on the ground. The loading and unloading height is therefore limited to 14 cm while the transport height is 63 cm. This reclining system replaces the access ramp, so that no operation is required from the user and accident risks are limited when loading or unloading the cattle. Every cylinder is fitted with a safety device preventing the vehicle from falling down if hydraulic hoses come to break.

The JOSKIN RDS livestock trailer was designed on the basis of experienced veterinary surgeons and stock breeders’ advice in order to reach the highest level possible of comfort and ease. It rests on a tubular chassis that, with the side walls (4 mm thick), forms a monocoque body of 210 cm high. The complete galvanization of the whole body ensures a high resistance in time to the vehicle against the effect of faeces.

Body floor The floor can be covered either with a chequered plate or a soft 3-component resin similar to the one used on livestock transport trucks. This resin has anti-slip and soundproof properties that turn out to be particularly comfortable for the animals. While cleaning, the water and faeces are flushed out through two draining caps (Ø 2’’). The inner edge – conforming to the regulations in force – prevents faeces from flowing out while driving.


Chassis; Tubular – 180 x 100 (5000 and 6000)
Tubular – 220 x 120 (7500 and 9000)
Body; Monocoque – 210 cm high
Fully galvanized or painted
Running Gear; Single-axle on RDS 5000 and 6000
Double-axle on RDS 7500 and 9000
Wheel dimensions; Ø 890 to 940 mm / width: max. 458 mm
Drawbar; Cross spring suspension