998 – High Output Square Wrapper

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The McHale 998 square bale wrapper is the versatile high output solution for wrapping square bales. It is capable of wrapping 80 – 100 bales per hour.

Common sense design, quality components and precision engineering make the 998 square bale wrapper the trusted choice for contractors and farmers who demand high output and consistent performance in all conditions and terrain.

The 998 is a unique square bale wrapper and it has the ability to move three bales at one time through its conveyor system. The 998 square bale wrapper can:

  1. Load one square bale onto the front conveyor.
  2. Move a second square bale from the front conveyor into the wrapping position.
  3. Eject the last wrapped square bale off the back of the 998 square bale wrapper.

The 998 square bale wrapper is packed with features including conveyor loading and fast positioning of the square bale into the bale wrapping position, hydraulically operated cut and tie system, auto square bale levelling and a two point linkage mounted swivel head-stock. The 998 wraps all sizes of square bale from 80cm x 70cm to 160cm x 120cm including double square bales.

The in-cab control unit enables the operator to change square bale sizes and select the desired number of film layers to be applied by the square bale wrapper. When set, one touch of the auto start button operates the complete cycle from start to finish. The patented roller angle-measuring device on the 998 square bale wrapper measures the corners of the bale and through this determines the correct number of satellite rotations. This patented system, ensures a consistent and even bale wrapping cycle where the required overlap is acheived, regardless of the square bale size or shape. The 998 operator can also select extra care wrapping, which makes the McHale 998 square bale wrapper apply additional plastic on the corners of the bale.


Trailed Model [Square] 998
Transport Length 7.30 m (24’)
Transport Width 2.92 m (9’7”)
Transport Height 3.5 m (11’6”)
Weight (unladen) 3875Kg (8,680 Lbs)
Wheel Dimensions 16.0/70-20 12 ply
Attachment to Tractor Cat II/III lower linkage SAE 6 spline PTO Shaft
P.T.O. speed 500 – 800 RPM
Hydraulic req:
1 double acting spool valve Hydraulic drawbar
1 single acting spool valve Floating conveyor
Film Layers:
Operator selected – 2/ 2+2/ 2+2+2 (2 – 8 layers)
Electrical Requirements 12 volt DC @ 5A
Drivers Control Electronic Control Box
Max Bale length 180cm
Bale Sizes From 80cm x 70cm to 160cm x 120cm including double bales
Standard Equipment
Automatic Cut & Hold
In cab control of bale size and film layers
Fully automatic electronic operation
Conveyor pick up, loading and unloading
Self contained load sensing hydraulic system
Hydraulic drawbar
2 x 750 mm dispensers
Brakes and lights
Low ground pressure tyres
Optional Equipment
Unloading Conveyor
Round Bale Kit
Remote Control kit