991 High Speed

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For the 2010 season, McHale the bale wrapper specialists introduced a new model, the 991 High Speed, a bale wrapper, which can deliver 50% more output.

The McHale 991 high speed bale wrapper sets the pace for efficient and effective round bale wrapping. The 991 high speed bale wrapper features practical design, quality components and precision engineering making the McHale bale wrapping range the first choice for contractors and farmers.

Sales Manager at McHale – John Biggins said, “Over the last number of years contractors have been asking for a higher output bale wrapper. This demand has come about due to baler output increasing and also the move by some contractors to wrapping bales with six layers instead of four.”

“We have tested the 991 High Speed against the 991BE (a machine which is recognised in the market place as having an output of 60 bales per hour), for the test we made sure that oil flow and table rotations were the same, what we found was the 991 High Speed could wrap 3 bales while the 991BE could wrap two. Therefore it is fair to say that the 991 High Speed has 50% more output or can wrap 3 bales, while a similar single dispenser machine wraps two.


Height to top of Wrapper Rollers 2.46m (8’1″)
Transportation Width 2.45m (8’2″)
Transportation Length 5.7m (19’)
Total Height 2.46m (8’1″)
Weight (unladen) 1950kg (4299 lbs)
Dispensers (70-55%) Two 750mm Dispensers
Electrical Requirements 12 volt from battery or euro plug
Hydraulic Connections 2 X 1/2″
Hydraulic Requirements 22 litres/ min @ 170 bar
Attachment to Tractor Tow Bar
Working Speed of Table (up to) 30 rotations/ min
Lifting Capacity @170 bar 1100 kgs (2425 lbs)
Wheel Dimensions 340/55 – 16
Control Console Expert