Wide Selection of Grease

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We have a wide selection of Grease available in our store.

We stock the following:
#1 KAJO LZ 2 Long Duration Grease in 400g
Grease Blue Synti 400G
Part No: LM-PLMAXLZ2400G

#2 JCB Special HP Grease in 400g
Grease Cartridge 400G
Part No: JC-4003/2017
Premium quality extreme pressure grease

#3 KAJO Lithium Soap Grease in 500g
Grease MOS2 500GMS
Used for the Lubrication of Friction & Roller Bearings under difficult conditions.
It is Water Repellent & Rust Protective

#4 KAJO LZR 2 Long Duration Grease in 500g
Blue Grease LZR 500G
It is Water Resistant, Adhesive, Oxidation Stable
EP – Lithium Soap Grease
For the Lubrication of Friction and Roller Bearings in High Load

#5 EP00 Grease – 3kg & 12.5kg
Grease Fiber EP00 3KG
Part No: LM-PZ00263KG

Grease Fiber EP00 12.5KG
Part No: LM-PZ0021250G

#6 EP2 Grease
Grease EP2 M/P 3KG
Part No: LM-PZ0053KG

#7 EP Grease

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Shipment Nationwide Ireland, Northern Ireland, & UK.

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