Sitrex Haybob HM300

  • Location: Cavan
  • Reference: 21048605
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Horse Power: 20HP Required
  • Width: 10ft Working Width


  • 20 Rotor RPM
  • Double Teeth
  • Pneumatic Tyres
  • Three Point Hitch


The most complete universal Haymaker for crops. Excellent job in spreading, tedding or windrowing. High rate performance, very simple operation and study construction: all these qualities can be round in our Haymaker 300.

Our Haymaker 300 is fitted with wide tires in order to improve ground adherence and obtain a better performance on rough terrains. Tines are positioned by centrifugal force and float at the forage cut level to collect the whole crop. Spreading and tedding: evenly moving and spreading of hay. Raking: at high working speeds you will get a soft and loose swath and a precise windrow separation. Adjustable deflectors: to prevent losses on terrain boundaries.