2013 Pottinger Hit 10.11T Tedder

  • Make: Pottinger
  • Location: Cavan
  • Reference: 21048659
  • Year: 2013
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Size: 11 Metres


  • 10 rotors


Used Pottinger Hit 10.11T Tedder, 2013, 10 Rotors, 11-metre working width. This tedder has the optional Practical fenceline spreading system. In good condition and ready for silage.​

Benefits & Features

  • Upper or lower hitch by rotating the drawbar
  • Robust main frame – tyres 260/70-15.3
  • Compact transportation with automatic folding side guard
  • Comfortable operation – work sequences are managed automatically
  • Central adjustment of working height via a crank handle
  • ”Liftmatic plus“ for high lifting at headlands
  • 35.43″ / 900 mm ground clearance when raised and turning
  • Rotation of frame for horizontal positioning of the rotor before lifting

Mounting and chassis 

  • The benefits of the trailed Pöttinger tedder generation start with the hitch, with its bolted universal drawbar for high and low hitches, simply rotate by 180°.
  • Lower linkage mounting is available as an option to provide even more extensive clearance. The machine follows the tractor tracks even better.
  • A large main frame with strong rotor support and 260/70- 15.3 tyres make it possible to transport the machine at high speeds on roads without swaying.
  • The side-mounted guard folds automatically.
  • All functions are operated via a single-acting and double-acting service from on the tractor.
  • This is made possible by using a series of valves with consistent sequence control.

Liftmatic Plus
Unique headland position

  • Before being raised, the rotors are positioned horizontally using a hydraulic cylinder and then lifted. This ensures that the tines do not scrape against the ground.
  • The forage remains clean and the turf is protected. „
  • An essential feature is the high headland position, with 35.43″ / 900 mm clearance.

Liftmatic Plus
Perfect rotor steering – Multitast effect for perfect distribution quality

  1. The chassis wheels are close to the tine contacts and therefore serve as jockey wheels for the rotors.
  2. Combined with the minimal rotor diameter, this ensures top distribution quality.
  3. Working height is set centrally via a manual crank handle and remains the same, regardless of the mounting height.

Liftmatic Plus
The frame and chassis do not put any load on the rotors

  • No additional weight load, resulting in even load distribution on all rotor wheels.

Unique DynaTech rotor 
Beautifully designed and functional

  • A completely new development is the bolting of the tine arms to the rotors. The rotor plates are extra-thick moulded components with precise positioning for the tine arms.
  • The arms are also bolted to the rotor hubs to ensure an extremely secure mounting.

Unique DynaTech rotor 
The curved shape of the arms is unique

  • The trailed tine arrangement reduces the load on the bearing and simultaneously allows the trailed tines to work with less pressure and thus protect the forage.
  • The curved shape also prevents forage from building up in the arms and wrapping around the rotors.

Robust design 

  • The rotors are mounted on a bolted frame. The front guard mounting also increases stability as it’s designed to be a supporting element.
  • The frame pivot points use wide supports and offer low maintenance.

Powerful rotor drive 

  • Sealed-for-life single and double joints transfer the drive power to the rotor gearbox without play and therefore extremely smoothly.
  • A power drive coupling makes it possible for the outer rotors only to be folded through 180°.
  • Each rotor is guided by one frame joint for optimum ground adaptation.

Simple operation 
The rotor pitch can be adjusted without tools

  • The working height of the tines can be adjusted centrally via the crank handle.
  • The rotor pitch can be adjusted to individual requirements in three different positions without tools

Simple operation 
Practical fenceline spreading

  • Hydraulic adjustment of two rear outer rotors 15° diagonally backwards.
  • Operated via the cable-controlled valve using the double-acting hydraulic service.