Kubota M7-153 Premium

  • Make: Kubota
  • Location: Cavan
  • Condition: New
  • Horse Power: 170
  • Top Speed: 50
  • Transmission: 30F/15R Powershift Transmission
  • Front Tyres: 540/65 R28
  • Rear Tyres: 650/65R38
  • Tyre Brand: trelleborg


  • Air Conditioning
  • External PTO Buttons
  • Front Spool Valves
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • LED Road Lights
  • PTO Shaft
  • Shuttle Gear Box
  • Sold with Warranty


Everything about the new M7003 Series tractors has been geared for maximum productivity. From the powerful engines and hydraulics to the spacious cabin, intuitive joystick and smooth transmission. All rounded off by the dedicated front-loader and TIM implement management.

The biggest engine in its performance class

The new Kubota 6.1-litre V6108 TIEF5 engine was designed with a single goal in mind: more power. This 4-cylinder engine delivers the same power as many 6-cylinder engines in its class, making it perfect for tough field use. At the same time, its innovative SCR technology reduces harmful emissions. In other words, it’s not just you who benefits from this powerful and clean engine – the environment does as well.

The M7003 lets you shift to efficiency

The versatile powershift transmission of the M7003 ensures you’re always in the right gear and can benefit from increased efficiency – in terms of speed as well as in terms of the application-specific work process. If you are looking for maximum driving comfort, the continuously variable KVT transmission of the M7003’s premium KVT model pays off for you every time you drive.

This is where you take control

Anyone driving the M7003 will find themselves sitting in an extremely comfortable workstation, this is because the spacious cabin of the M7003 has been optimised to meet the needs of the driver. Extremely comfortable, user-friendly and ergonomically designed – this is where you can work in a highly concentrated yet relaxed way. The cabin, therefore, makes a decisive contribution to enabling you to fully exploit the enormous potential of this tractor. Optional Autosteer and GEOCONTROL functions increase the efficiency and output of your job.

You can ask a great deal of your M7003

No matter whether it’s large implements or demanding front loader work – you can demand a great deal of the M7003 when it comes to hydraulics. You can choose between two specification versions. No matter which model you choose: you will be thrilled by the efficiency and performance. All M7003 tractors feature class-leading lifting capacity: a full 9,400 kg for the rear linkage and 3,500 kg at the front.


The M7003’s spacious and quiet cabin makes the perfect command centre. Thanks to its high level of comfort, outstanding ergonomics, and user-friendliness, you can stay concentrated and relaxed throughout even the longest working days. The optional automatic air conditioning and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors further increase operator comfort.


Thanks to its optimised power curve, the latest version of our V6108 TIEF5 engine delivers increased performance at lower levels of fuel consumption. With the additional power boost on all models, the M7003 has plenty of power in reserve to always ensure maximum performance.

Multi-Speed Steering

Control The “Multi-Speed Steering Control” function allows the operator to set the optimum steering ratio for the application. Up to three ratios can be easily set using a switch on the side console.


Whether it is a 30F/15R transmission or the 54F/27R transmission, the M7003’s transmission systems ensure maximum efficiency under all operating conditions. Tractors equipped with powershift transmission now feature the new “Xpress restart” function, which allows the operator to directly control the main clutch by activating the brake pedal. For even more convenience, the continuously variable transmission of the premium M7003 KVT model leaves nothing to be desired.

K-Monitor & TIM

As an all-in-one terminal, the tractor’s K-Monitor combines a wide range of functions with intuitive operation. Furthermore, its functionality has been improved through the integration of the “swap valve” function and other new features. The optional TIM (Tractor Implement Management) system allows the implement to automatically control tractor functions, offering new possibilities in precision farming.