Bondloc Adhesives & Sealants

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We stock a variety of Bondloc Products in our store.

We stock Bondloc Adhesives & Sealants in our store.

We stock the following:

#1 Bondloc B574 Instant Gasket
Part no: B574-50ML
Suitable for all formed in place applications such as Gear Box Sealing, Pump Flanges, Transmission Assemblies, Cover Plates on Tanks, Cam Shaft Sealing, Bearing Gaps, Outer Housings, Crank Case & Sump Assemblies & Flange Pipe Fittings.
It is an Orange paste.

#2 Bondloc B222 Screwlock
Part no: B222-10ML
Ideal on small Set Screws, Brass & Most types of small Threaded Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Hex & Slot Driven Components including Keyed Fasteners etc.
It is a Purple White tint.

#3 Bondloc B270 Studlock
Part no: B270-10ML
It is Chemical Resistant, Resisting Fuels, Lubricants & Most Industrial Liquids & Gases.
It is Green in Colour.

#4 Bondloc B641 Bearing Fit
Part no: B641-10ML
Is a Single part Anaerobic Securing Compound, Designed for fitting Cylindrical Metal Assemblies & Cures when Confined between the parts.
It will secure all types & sizes of Bearings, Shafts & Cylindrical parts.
It is medium strength.
Is Yellow in Colour.

#5 Bondloc B243 Oil Tolerant Threadlock
Part no: B243-10ML
It is an Anaerobic formulation designed to be used on parts in an as received condition, such as those with protective films (oils) etc.
It is used for Threadlocking Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Studs.
Is a Blue Thixotropic Colour.

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