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Valtra Technology 

Carefully thought-out details and innovations enhance productivity

AGCO Power
Combine the basic design of a Valtra tractor with an AGCO
Power engines and you will get a reliable, fuel-efficient machine
that provides the right power at all times.
Legendary Finnish SISU - the best engine on the market
At the heart of Valtra tractors you will find the most reliable and efficient engine technology available on the market.
For over sixty years Valtra tractors have been powered by AGCO Power engines.  AGCO Power is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of off-road engines. The engines are renowned for their durability, reliability and extremely strong torque.
Valtra Dual Fuel
Valtra´s Dual Fuel tractor provides a practical way to cut down greenhouse gas emis­sions in agriculture and municipality services, by replacing diesel fuel by more
envi­ronmental friendly natural gas.
Valtra Dual Fuel tractors can run on either natural gas or upgraded traffic quality biogas and on diesel. In Valtra Dual Fuel tractors a standard AGCO Power diesel engine is converted to use two types of fuel. The majority, up to 83% of the power is generated by methane from natural gas or upgraded biogas and a minor part by diesel fuel to ignite the gas- air mixture according to the diesel process.
Valtra Duel Fuel is available with Valtra N Series HiTech and HiTech 5 models N103.4, N113 and N123.
TwinTrac – a tractor that works in both directions
Valtra’s TwinTrac reverse-drive system is not just an auxiliary feature; it enables you to use your tractor productively in both directions.
Valtra is the only manufacturer to offer reverse drive as a factory fit option on tractors from 99hp up to 400hp!
TwinTrac is available for Valtra N, T and S Series tractors. Each Valtra tractor is custom-built to meet the specific needs of their owners. The TwinTrac reverse drive system is just one of many unique features that help increase productivity. For more information and a detailed quotation


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